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  • Discover how to find sales reps, specifically independent sales reps, also known as manufacturers reps or representatives. Top ten ways to find sales representatives, including instructions on recruiting and managing them once you find them! PLUS, five sample sales rep contacts, gift rep directory, and more!
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I read Sandy's e-guide "How to Find, Recruit and Manage Sales Reps" after 3 1/2 years of managing reps, and can say that despite this experience I still learned from Sandy's guide.

This is a very good and thorough overview of everything one needs to know on the topic. I look forward to deploying her strategies for finding and managing new reps for my company's expansion into new markets."

Andrea Butter 

Patch of Shade 









We were hoping to sell our product on the wholesale market and looked for some time for a rep.


[Using one of Sandy's recommended techniques we obtained] a name and we are now selling wholesale thru that rep.


Clayton Kort

Corks Reborn








I’ve had businesses in the past, and evaluating and locating reps were one of my weak points.


With Sandy's eGuide, "How to Find, Recruit, and Manage Independent Sales Reps!" I learned some important pointers I was overlooking and found excellent resources on how to really locate quality reps suited to MY product.


I now know better what to look for and how choose who is right for me. As a start-up, this information was worth its weight in gold.


Thanks again Sandy, the nuggets of information and resources you gave me would have cost me so much time and expense to try to find and implement if I had not gotten your eGuide!

Anna Pereira
Anna Periera Designs









Even though I already work with 15 - 20 sales reps in several states, Sandy's eGuide offers new information about sourcing and managing reps that will help me strengthen and build my business further.


I stumbled upon my first rep at a local show and had no idea regarding the dynamics of the relationship. Sandy's eGuide is loaded with useful information and invaluable due to Sandy's unique roles as both manufacturer and sales rep.


"How to Find, Recruit, and Manage Independent Sales Reps" is one of the best sources of straightforward, no-nonsense advice resources regarding the taking of products from sales at local retail shows, to wholesaling via sales representatives.


Michelle Wilkes
Uncommon Stone Designs









If you're looking for insider knowledge on how to work with sales reps for your product line, Sandy's eGuide is a must.


I wish I’d read it when I had my t-shirt line. It would have helped me to navigate and understand the world of sales reps better.


I really love the specific advice on how to find sales reps and how to exactly work with them to maximize sales.


It's not easy to find a sales rep that is a good fit, but Sandy manages to explain how it all works for maximum benefits to everyone involved.

Andreea Ayers,








I'd like to say Thank You So Very Much. I found you a week ago as I was searching the web for a independent sales rep. I learned more from you in a week then I have from people I've known for years. Thank You for sharing so much valuable information and the encouragement as well as the real deal on various situations lol. I got so excited on linkedin reading the comments, I made one without realizing the last comment was in 2011.

I purchased your book a couple of days ago Best Book I read and have kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for more information in a long time. I will be passing this information  of your website and book onto every entrepreneur whose serious about  doing the work and growing. You are an angel! Thanks Again  

Pamela Evans
The Prepared Girl Garment Bags




I have read Sandy's wholesale guide and finding a sales rep guide books. To say the least they are invaluable for a beginning business person or veteran sales rep.


Her style of writing is as personal and honest as her consultations are over the phone.


The information she provides is the good stuff you actually really need to know!


Sandy has given me the confidence and real life information I need to be a successful wholesaler and find the reps I need to build my business.


Thanks a lot Sandy :) We will be in touch.


Alexander Cohen